Christmas Animation

It’s Nov and Covid is still here. Does anyone want to help make a Christmas Animation?

Voice Acting, ext

I made animation. Let me know what you think.

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Hi, I am interested. What is it about?

Thx for your interest, It’s basically just a short simple animation. I have a snow globe that rotates words around it and I’m planning on having a simple family moment after words. Funny thing is that animating the snow globe has taken up most of the computer for this month. Though I am hoping that after the little xmas short, that I can proceed with my main project which is an animated series. hopefully u’d be interested in that too but I hope I have answered your question.

Yes, it can interest me. I am good in modeling (specially objects and environement) and i made some animation and simulation (always of objects).
Can it be usefull for you?

That’s awesome. Thx for support. Btw how would you like to be credited?

What do you mean with credited? Are you talking about the name that I use when I make 3d models? If you mean that you can use _Blendered (my instagram page) or my name and surname.

Aren’t u a bit over drawned or what are u doing? I saw u reply to two other volunteer jobs. just seems kinda sust

What? I am just trying to improve my skills and I want to see what I can do.
But, of course, if I make a commitment to a person, I carry it through to the end.