Christmas Animation


I decided to make a short animation for Christmas, I hope you enjoy :smiley:

Merry Christmas!

LOL, very nice. I liked that you used 2d animation of Santa (some info and how - to would be nice)

Haha that was hilarious! How did you combine the video and cg? Is there chroma keying in Blender as is there in AE?

Thank you :slight_smile: I’m glad you enjoyed.

The Chroma keying was done with FXHome VisionLab studio. I haven’t used Blender’s Chroma keying in a long time but I probably could have done it in Blender too. VisionLab is just cheap (compared to AE!) and very easy to use with bad lighting shots!

Using the footage as an animated texture on Planes in Blender worked well although I had a few problems with shadows, Ambient Occlusion, DOF but I got around them all using the compositor.

2D footage was motion tracked (for the bowling ball) animated and motion blurred in Anime Studio Pro 7, which is a great tool.

I was very excited to learn that the next Blender Open movie would be improving the VFX toools in Blender. It’s something I’m really starting to enjoy making.

Thank you for your comments :0)

Why didn’t you try using the inbuilt motion blur in Blender?

I’ve never used Blender’s motion blur so mainly due to my lack of experience and deadline!

Also, I knew I only wanted his feet blurred which I could easily do in Anime Studio pro.

Next time I will give it a go :slight_smile:

Good, Its really impressive and this Christmas may bring lots of happiness in your life.

o my god… :stuck_out_tongue:

i prefer 24 parody (buy milk, diffuse nuclear bomb) ASD