Christmas cactus critique


Hey you all! I am finished with my latest project, but before I completely called it done, I want to get some feedback on it. Please critique anything from the shading, to the post, or even the concept! I would really truly appreciate your feedback. Thanks in advance!

(sundialsvc4) #2

I’ve lived in the desert and seen such a cactus – in the wild – and I suggest that the stems are probably less-translucent than you define here. You might also wish to give them a little surface texture. I’m not sure they’d really have the “outlines” that some of the segments seem to have here.

But, the composition is nice, the placement of the sun is good, and the texture of the vase is nice. Not quite sure what’s happening on the tabletop on the right side.

I like it. It makes me smile.

(Kit MacAllister) #3

Looks good! I’d say the shadows around the base are too hard. Are the plants planes? If you’re using subsurface scattering for them they will look much more realistic with a bit of volume.

(birdnamnam) #4

My suggestions, if you don’t mind:

  1. Place the the vase on the right side (lower 3rd of the picture). The sunlight is coming from the left, and it would be nice to point out better its diagonal direction.
  2. The vase doesn’t touch the table very convincingly. Are you sure its lower part isn’t penetrating the table?
  3. Try a different wood texture, not so glossy, give it a roughness variation. Keep a bright wood texture, though. It goes well with the scene, imo.
  4. Follow @sundialsvc4 suggestions about the cactus. He’s right.
  5. The vase texture is very nice.
    Hope this helps a bit. Keep it up!

(Timo) #5

If you are going for realism than the windows make no sense, how is the glas standing when it is not hold in place by the frame? Also the Parts of the cactus look realy thin I would make them a littel bit bigger so the don t feel like paper. Also as far as I know most cacti have a wax layer on them, which make the fairly shiny, so add just a little bit of extra glossy.


Thank you all so much :yum: I really appreciate the critique.


does this revision look a bit better? i also did some postprocessing in krita

Thanks to you all who gave input! this i think is a bit better. Do you all think so?


Awesome suggestions, thanks! I think I’ll keep the wood Tex tho, i just really like it for some reason :rofl:

ignore that i sent this after the revision, too xD

(Timo) #9

Yeah I does look better. Overall I like your image, but the leavs are still a little thin, just have a look at some reverence fotos. :wink:


Will do next time around, thx :laughing:

(Oskar-A) #11

I have one of these. It is much less saturated green, more grayish green and not at all as translucent. The surface is waxy and fairly reflective.

(Benny_Flex) #12

Very nice render. The Krita editing with the glow definitively adds up to the mood. Keep up the good work !


Thank you! I really appreciate it