Christmas card - Santa at a BBQ (Upd: 29/10 - Finished)

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I’m designing the Christmas cards for the company I work for again this year, and this year I decided to do something cartoony using Blender. The final product will be a cartoony santa standing at the barbeque cooking sausages, while the barbeque has the company’s logo on it.

For you northern hemisphere dwellers wondering what the significance is: Here in Australia, Christmas is always in the middle of summer and the sorts of things we associate with Christmas probably differ to your wintery things :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’ve almost finished modelling the Santa, here’s the current progress.

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Very nice :slight_smile:

Were’s the BBQ?


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It’s not there yet. That’s why it’s in the WIP forum :smiley:

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nice work! first thing I noticed, from the head down, he looks like Hpmer Simpson!!! Was that intended? Can’t wait to see the complete model. maybe you can send me a greeting? :smiley:

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Wow, very nice character modeling!!!

I would suggest making his beard a little longer and bushier tho, fill it out a bit more on the sides of the jaw. I reckon that would make it look a whole lot more Santa’ish. :wink:

Awesome job tho!!!


Blend on, and blend well!!!

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don’t think its ever snowed here

brisbane is much nicer than sydney i think.
but townsvilles good too.

Go Warriors!!!

like the santa its even go the blue wife beater/singlet going on there.

love it!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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GASP :o A FELLOW SYDNEY SIDER :slight_smile:

I was gonna do something like that santa you got…I was gonna call it “True Aussie”…BBQ Tongs in one hand, VB in the other :D, Was around the winter olympics i was thinking about doing it, but then i thought screw it.

Your Santa looks awesome. Great style and humour :slight_smile:

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Well, that’s exactly how I’m (hoping) imagining he’ll turn out; the shots above are by no means a finished product. I’ll have to continue working on him on Tuesday.

Thanks for the comments :slight_smile:

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I miss Sydney!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

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VB in a stubby holder

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Superb Charactermodeling, here in Germany I would like to say:
“Coole Wampe” :smiley: :D, keep on your good work.

See ya, Olaf.

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Improved the hair, and I’m now working on texturing. Anyone know how I can make the UV-textured shirt less shiny? Will adding a spec map help?

Here’s the un-sub-surfed base mesh

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Heya FC,

In your material settings (F5) there are 2 settings you can play with, the spec and ref. Ref (reflection) will have the most effect on making your shirt less shiney, but i would suggest also lowering the spec (specularity), as something that dosent reflect much light shouldnt be that shiney. To see what i mean turn the ref way down and max out your spec.
Anywayz, try that out. Your Santa is comming along great and i cant wait to see the finished product, i just hope your not gonna make us wait until Dec. hehe :wink: Keep it up, its comming along nicely.


Blend on, and blend well!!!

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i like the last post that you have done.

just some sugestions.

the fingers look funny (but you know that, and they are hard to do)

the skin is a bit light
perhaps tan lines
also to make the skin look a tiny bit more realistic lower the reflectivity and the spec.
also raise the emit a tiny bit (eg 100 or less) so that it looks like a more natural skin colour as shadows arn’t usualy that strong on skin.

also the blue singlet shoulder strap looks like it goes around the back of the neck and connects to the other shoulder.

i think it may work better not going around the back of the neck so high up.

more wrinkles in the pants would also be nice.
perhaps use a texture and the noise function (don’t know if that would work just a sugestion)

the forearms need work.
the face is perfect i think.

nipples sticking out through the singlet wouldn’t look out of place!!
actualy they would make it a bit more realistic and funny.

hairy chest texures and belly textures would look great.

belly is a bit out of proportion with the chest
i think it would look a bit better being smaller

the edges of the singlet look a bit curvy this may be fixed with stiching texture around the edge or sharpening the edge a bit.

if i have repeated anything else someone has said i’m sorry.

i know its early days so i listed everything i could to make it easier for you. i’m not trying to be harsh. just to help.

it’ll look good for the end of the year!!

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Thanks a lot for the comments - very constructive! I’ll try and take a few of them in to account, but unfortunately I’m under a pretty tight schedule as they need to go to the printers and then be sent out to everyone, so I have to cut some corners in order to finish as soon as I can. I like the nipples idea :slight_smile:

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Update: In progress texturing the head…

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Finished UV texturing the head with colour, bump and spec, gave the BBQ tongs a metallic material and it’s time to go home for the day…

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Very nice. Perhaps some rosy cheeks from the heat of the barbeque.

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I added a santa jacket at the request of my boss (thought the singlet on it’s own was a bit too redneck :P) and textured his body. Getting closer now, about to give him some chest hair :slight_smile: