Christmas Card

A ambitious project for someone with my limited modeling skills. And, even though I’m retired the concept cried out for at
least three months. However, I waited until one month before Christmas and without a doubt it shows. And, yes the scene
in the middle (00:48) is terrible. Oh, well maybe next year. theoldghost

Dropbox is great on resolution but does take forever to spool up. Here is YouTube

I don’t understand the story.

Santa doesn’t break into your house and leave gifts unless everyone is asleep? I have heard of him using a train instead of a sleigh in some stories. Still that’d freak me out if that happened at my house and next year I’d be camping out with the lights off and a shot gun pointed out the window.

Unless it’s personal story about someone who died returning home on Christmas night then sorry for the insensitive comments.

Ocyd you nailed it with your last sentence. While a family Xmas card the target audience was my old high school class from 1956. They’re about fifty of us left. And, yes at our age death is a companion. Good news is no news because no friends have left. And, around Christmas our thoughts will turn to those who have. Visitors in our mind if you will. So while my old class mates got it I wondered if anyone on this forum might. The young Aussie did a survey once on Blender users. And while I don’t remember the median age it is obviously pretty young. So your insightful comment is really welcome. While I certainly didn’t do the best job conveying the idea I gained a new respect for anyone who finishes an animation with a intended story line, theme or concept. Working by yourself it’s truly a bitch doing so. theoldghost

First off, nice job on the animation. I don’t think some people really understand exactly what it takes both in time and effort to really put a project together like you have. Sound effects, editing, titles, working thru the roadblocks as your creating it. I don’t think there is a better place to turn to than this forum for answering questions on Blender, but I wish people would spend a lot more time in the completed finished project and animation sections. There seems to be way too many tests of stuff, and not enough commenting and creating of completed work.

I would admit on this video, that I read some of the posts first, before watching, so I may not have got your concept clearly at first either. But after reading what you said was the theme, it all made perfect sense. My only recommendation would have been to pop in a title message at the very end before the credits … that ties in the idea that you were thinking about all your friends who passed on and wish they were still there to celebrate the holiday.

But great job of taking it the distance, and telling the story in a creative way.

Hey, appreciate the kind comments, harleynut97. Sounds like maybe you’ve tackled a entire project. But, for the Blender fans who haven’t maybe I can make a few comments. First off if I’m not the worst modeler in the free world I’m running a close second. I can’t make a cube look like Jonathan Williamson did it. Secondly we all watch movies but most of us know nothing about different shots and transisions. So even though we have all done short clips a idea requires the learning curve from hell.

And, while almost all my time is freetime and not working and school like you younger folks that shit was work pure and simple. Halfway through the house my damn lack of modeling skills had me throwing in the towel. And, of course that voice was saying next year you’ll be ready for a project like this. Yeah, next year. Now you’ve heard it before in this forum and in tutorials. Pick a story line or concept and try to follow it to some end. Pay no attention to your entire desktop being completely covered with short cuts to various tutorials.

Also you are probably never going to be satisfied with your efforts. Hell, some of the guys on this forum are doing work which looks like it came out of Pixar. Speaking of if Jonathan Williamson saw my blend file and looked at the house he’d either start laughing or his eyes would roll. So I guess I’m saying if animation interest you just pick a story line and go for a minute or two. Any art is just a journey anyway with nothing ever finished. Harleynut I did consider a title message and that was one of many mistakes. Hell, maybe next year. Yeah, next year.

Congratulations on finishing your project! That’s more than many can say. I watched it twice, it’s better with your added context.