Christmas Cards


So whenever I attend someone’s birthday party or I have some gift to give, like at Christmas, I always make a card. They are typically inside jokes or contain content that specifically applies to the person I give the card to, which is why I generally don’t post them. This time of year is always hugely busy with finals and the several cards I have to crank out, so these cards are each made in the order of a few hours (say 3-4) + rendertime (though I always wish I could give more time). This time I thought I would just post what I created since I have like a packet of them :slight_smile:

This was to my sister, my gift to her was designing a business card for her to use in a conference later this month, hence the cards on the card :wink:

Having recently moved to a home with a little beach in front, a friend of ours said we should name it Crawford Cove, with like a little plaque, hence I created what it might look carved into a piece of driftwood (hopefully you can tell it’s driftwood…)

My grandfather builds detailed modeled ships, even bends the wood to fit the hull! (makes me wonder where this modeling hobby comes from) There was now ay I had time to create a ship to be comparable with his work, and I wanted him to appreciate the ship on the card, so I had to use a model from blendswap. Which by the way, FANTASTIC job Radoslaw Kurczewski! It’s incredible work.

[one more in first comment]

More of an inside joke about ducks without heads. Well, from our new house we could see “headless” ducks in the water. Turns out, some ducks are nocturnal! And apparently they just float aimlessly around in the water while they sleep… anyways, we give my mother a bad time about this because she was confused when she first saw them. Again, too little time so I grabbed the rubber duck model from blendswap, thanks to Jeff Bate!