Christmas Carol

Here’s a trailer for Zemeckis new Christmas Carol. I know it’s not trying to be as photoreal as Beowulf or that train flick he did with mocap before this, but I still got a creepy vibe out of that trailer and not in the good way, but more of a distracting way.

There’s some shots I liked about it, mainly those hovering above the city and other landscapes, but those characters give me the creeps.

I hate the visuals as well, but I hate even more the lack of respect in the trailer for the story.

They’ve turned a serious character drama with a lot of weight and a really sobering message into a goofy action/comedy with zany caricatures of the characters and marketability. I’d love to see - FOR ONCE AT LEAST - someone go the other direction and make his christmas classic a serious, dramatic and tense affair with great acting and mood. This film looks like it’s just turning the whole thing into a joke, and the light-hearted campiness of it will surely destroy the message of the film. At least the impact it could have.

Remember back when Zemeckis could make a good movie? Back before he got into ‘animation’? Can you even call this hyper-realistic, motion captured crap “animation” or maybe “Digital acting”?

Though this may not be as bad as a couple of other adaptations of this story, surely Dickens is doing some back flips in his coffin right now. Or crypt, or jar, or shallow grave or wherever the hell he is.

I recall, that Zemeckis said in an interview, that he doubts if he ever does a live action film anymore. He has fallen in love with mocap and while that is generally good for the 3D industry I’m not so sure if it is a good thing for movies in general. I really hope he never does that speculated sequal to Back To The Future with mocap.

Their remaking it… a third time?! Really? Come on, when will someone come up with an original idea, recently all the new movies have been beating dead horses.

It also pisses me off the way disney keeps re-releasing its old cartoons in “High definition”, like you need that for classic cartoons, and then make a big hype out of it.

I like to watch A Christmas Carol in just about every rendition it happens to come out in (which is a lot…). I never saw Patrick Stewart’s one-man show, but I did very much like his portrayal of Scrooge for, I think, HBO.

My hands-down favorite ACC so far, though, was at Ford’s Theatre (yeah, that Ford’s Theatre) in Washington, DC. It just plays best, I think, “on stage,” with a script that is faithful to the book.

This one? Yeah, I’ll see it, if only to watch Jim Carey go. But, I have my doubts . . .

Less than a hundred days to go for christmas, and this is the first thread to start spreading the warm fuzzies about that wonderful. Congratulations, and here’s hoping more joyful messages are on the way!