Christmas Cold

As soon as work died down I immediately got a cold so thought I’d channel the annoyance into a character that expresses what I’m feeling :laughing:

This started off as a sculpt that I re-topo’d and used the multires modifier to sculpt details onto the cleaned up mesh.

Thanks for looking!


That’s great! I feel miserable just looking at that miserable guy!


man this is really amazing !!!

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Brilliant :slight_smile: You’re #featured!

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very beautiful, great work man!

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Many thanks, and thanks for the feature! Runs well in Eevee too


That’s awesome. I just got over a cold, fortunately I didn’t feel quite as bad as this guy.

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So funny! :smiley:

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it is a super fun character lol awesome work! i very like every tiny bit of him :slight_smile:

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animating should be hard rigging. The mesh is good staticaly. So sorry not saw an animated version, deserve an turn table but awesome work.

Hahah cool character man

Really cool :+1: , at first i thought it was an interpretation of Coraline’s father :joy:

It’s cool, or should I say cold? he looks like Coraline’s father, I love that movie

Ewww. Looks great!

hey. Whats your hair material? How did you do it? I am having some weird lighting on hair here on eevee.(Looks too flat).

Someone said in a comment on youtube:

I’m going to try this when I get home, but I’m having some problems with specular lighting: when working with a bunch of strands, the ones in the back reflect the same amount of light as the ones in the front when looking from different camera angles. Any thoughts?

Very talented work man…