Christmas Cookies!

Happy Holidays everyone!
I remember the days from back when… coming inside after sledding or snowball fights just to warm up your hands so you could feel them again, warming up with some hot chocolate and a freshly baked cookie. It’s that time of year again!
This project was made for BlenderGuru’s 2017 Christmas Competition. It was a learning process again for me but it was enjoyable every step of the way. Started out by drawing and painting the concept art, then the modeling, shading and rendering process. The storyline of the image changed slightly from the original concept idea but I’m very happy with the results!
All comments welcome, cheers!

Wow this is amazing! I especially love the soft fuzzy hat and - of course - the gingerbread man! How long did you work on modeling?

Haha that well-hidden gem you got there, poor gingerbread man cookie hiding behind a jar. I think that’s what made this image even better. Awesome model and concept!

Really well done - like the gingerbread guy - that was a nice touch, hat and scarf look very good.


Thank you! I really enjoyed making this piece!
4hrs - concept art
23hrs - modeling, texturing & shading
56hrs - rendering
1hr - post processing


Thanks, appreciate the feedback!!