Christmas dance


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Wow man you are cranking out the content:P Great stuff! Your a hell of a character animator Draguu loved the bouncing eyebrows when he he first started dancing…lots of character in that little guy. Nice Job man:)

He’s a freakin’ machine.
That was cool!

thanks derek … m glad you like it … besides that … WHY THE HELL BLENDER COMMUNITY DOESN’T PAY ATTENTION TO THE ANIMATION STUFF… i have seen and experienced so…

wow awesome animation duku… expressions are funny… :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not sure Draguu…its the hardest to do and most people dont fully understand what great character animation and scene setup takes. I have a couple animation projects going right now thats why I commend you on your animating skills. You are a well rounded CG artists:P Happy New Year man!