Christmas Dinnersaurs - short

The old tradition says: when the First Star appears in the sky, it’s time for Christmas Dinner…saurs! Meet our two prehistoric heroes celebrating Christmas Eve in the new animation short by Evermotion.

Together with Barbara Witkowska I became a production leader of this short. Among other software we used Blender for postproduction, simulation (wave, dust, comet) and modelling some of the things you see on the screen (polishing the look of both dinosaurs, some of the props). I hope you’ll like it!

I like it!

Nice! Simple and funny :slight_smile:

I like the look you gave it, what did you use for animation and rendering?


Simple, well done and funny.
I liked a lot of sound effects, also.

Congratulations! :yes:

Nice short, the animation is smooth and expressive !

Good job moonkie3d

great animation, is pretty funny when the rat revives and exit of the scene for save his live XD.
for some reason you style remember me to Skull monkey game.

Really funny


Haha, brilliant. Didn’t expect the end! Very nice look too

Thanks a lot for your kind words!

julperado - we animated everything in 3ds Max, I must say its CAT system is pretty impressive. Moreover I’m always a bit confused when I animate something in Blender, Graph Editor and Dope Sheet are slightly unclear for me, I always spend too much time trying to select keys and handles that I really need. On the other hand shockwave, comet and its tail and dust were all made in Blender. For rendering we used Vray and color&AO pass from Blender especially for shockwave.

Thank’s for your answer @mookie3d; and yes, CAT is very cool, that’s a system every 3D app should have :slight_smile:

Really enjoyed this, very well done.

I love the mood and style.
I believe some animation could have been a little better but it was really nice and funny.

I love the format… Very nice job!

Hhahah wow! I loved the resurrection moment :smiley:

Thanks for all the comments! And for all of you who are slightly interested in how this short was made, here’s a small “making of” clip :slight_smile:

Great job. I Love it. :wink:

Great short!

I wasn’t really expecting that ending, nice job!