Christmas Duty

Work for BlenderGuru competition.
Blender Cycles and Photoshop.



Ha, made me laugh! Excellent in all areas! Best of Luck in the competition :slight_smile:

looks great, though the ears could use some smoothing.

looks great but i agree those ears could use another level of subsurf or two

Paint Guy- Thank You :slight_smile:

ctdabomb- Thank You :slight_smile: Yeah, i forgot to turn on subsurf level to 2 for render, and after wasn’t time to fix it, but i don’t think it is a big deal.

Modron- Thank You :slight_smile:

And some wires :

If You have any questions feel free to ask.

how about the mouse on blend swap? :wink:

I think about it, and yes I send it to blendswap, but after adding better rigging, now it’s unusable for animation.
I also add Nutknacer :slight_smile:

This is great. Love the idea and the vibrant colors.

notyourbuddy- Thank You :slight_smile:

Later I will post some of shader trees from Cycles. Keep watching :eyebrowlift2:

Like I say, shader nodes:



GingerbreadTree Glaze-

GingerbreadTree Cacke-

Hope You find it helpful :slight_smile:

Congrats on winning!

Hey it made me laugh :smiley:
Great job done! like the character ! Merry Christmas…

peter18- Thank You very much!
aaron2- Thank You also!

And Merry Christmas to all of You ! :slight_smile:

Really good work! How long have you worked for the picture?

congrats on winning the contest!

AgapeSchalom- Thank You :slight_smile: The completion Was 12 days from zero to final picture.
Ctdabomb- Thank You :slight_smile:

I realize that I don’t post higres version. Below link if anyone like to use it as a wallpaper.


Congratulations on winning! I love the story and composition. :slight_smile:

BroadStu- It is much better thanks to Your work with implement strand rendering into Cycles. BIG thanks for it! :slight_smile:

i hope those brown lumps on the ground are cookie crumbs and, not… not cookie crumbs lol