Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas
Blender 2.65
Render V-ray
a project inspired by Ikea


it is very good exept i find the bike a bit out of place

the bike is a Christmas present

The picture is very nice! It is very bright and I like it!:slight_smile:

thanks man, glad you liked

This reminds me of a flat I had in NY about 35 years ago… Nice.

thanks man,

Great job on the bike modeling man! I like how its kind of a subtle element in the scene.

I love it, most of all none cg users would not think its cg lol well done, i showed my girl friend and she thought i was joking/lying with her when i said its cg lol :slight_smile:

My thoughts on the bike, The bike needs a bow or something Christmasy to show its a present :slight_smile:


great lighting! I like the bike. The only things that give it away for me are the gifts on the left and that covered chair. Also, it looks like the lighting on that star in the window is different in the reflection. Maybe I’m imagining :wink: