Christmas & Happy New Year card

The Christmas card below was made for my company. I made a little animation in which the flame moves a bit and a nice flikkering of the light really creates a great effect. Below you can have a look at the still image (the text on the card modified)

copyright © 2005, Wim Claes

that looks great. :smiley: i really like the ornaments they look very real.

by the way, what company do you work for or own?

-Merry Christmas

thanks for the comments Catfish! (mmm, don’t think the company is really relevant, but it’s not my own company, it’s the one I work for)

btw, the scene took me about 2 hours (concept brainstorming, scene modelling, quick texturing, and rendering still+animation)

…and if anybody cares, the wires, very simple & easy :

The huge copyright notice is a bit of a turnoff… should be small text in the bottom corner, and perhaps replaced (on the card) with a positive holiday greeting or saying. As is, it looks like the copyright warning is your primary message: “Happy Holidays! Better not copy my work!” :wink: %|

Yeah mzungu, you’re right. I just made it a little more friendly :smiley:
It didn’t came up like that in my mind when being quick to put it online.

Much better! Very nice! Merry Christmas to you & yours!