Christmas Heart

Hello everyone! I would like to share with you my entry for the BG Comp!

Done in Blender
Rendered in Cycles
Post Pro in Photoshop

Inspired by Del Toro’s Crimson Peak, Charles Dickens Great Expectations and a bit of Edgar Allan Poe. I wanted to create a tangible atmosphere exploring the morphing of elements creating a whole.
Is about the aging of the heart, the decay of the soul, the most intimate room in someone’s mind. I enjoyed this project; I found I love to do environments and modeling rococo furniture. Hope you like it.

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Wow, it is very beautiful! 5 stars, Congrats!

Ok, I am calling it now. If this is indeed Blender, then you win. This is stunning! My one critique is the character, it lies within the Uncanny Valley I am afraid.

This is a stellar composition!

Thanks a lot! Is made in Blender (is the software I’m more confortable with and I know how to use the most), I had to split the scene into 2 files because of the size haha, I know what you mean about the character, is the last element I added, hopes uncanny plays on my favor on this particular scene :smiley:

Hola Daniel, voy a escribir en español por que es más rápido luego edito y tradusco.

Al contrario de lo que opina NID Graphics, para mi el personaje es lo que se me hace más interesante en toda la composición (sí es que entiendo bien que Uncanny Valley, es algo que genera rechazó, si estoy interpretando mal el concepto agradeceria que me corrigieran), me gusta mucho porque da la impresión de ser una pintura, incluso me da curiosidad como lograste ese resultado de que el personaje da la impresión de ser dibujado ¿es realmente 3d?

El único detalle aunque es insignificante, es que una de las bolas de navidad se le nota el cuadro de edición, hablo de la segunda bola que esta en toda la parte inferior del arbol de izquierda a derecha, pero puff, da igual, eso no opaca todo el gran trabajo que demuestra esta imagen, te felicito por este trabajo tan destacable.

Hi Daniel, I write in spanish first because for me is more quick, later I edit and traslate.

contrary to the NID Graphics opinion, for my the character is the most interesting in the composition (if I’m understanding good the expression “Uncanny Valley” as something that generates rejection, if I’m misinterpreting the concept, I apreciate some correction), I like much the character, since give the impression to be a painting, even I have curiosity how you achieve that result, Is it really 3d?

The unique detail but trivial, is that one ball have a little editing quad, I speak the second ball on the bottom of the three from left to right, but puff, that doesn’t dull all the great work that proving this image, congratulations for this remarkable work.

Hey, thanks a lot for your comment! I made the effect in the character by rendering the mesh with a lot of light contrast, then composite it with a multiplay layer making the dark areas to fade away, the edge looks painted because I added touches of light in photoshop…

Ohh I now see the square in the sphere, I didn’t notice before, I had to composite the floor in postpro because of the render time, I made a few changes a last moment so I dind’t have time to render the whole image

Hey muchas gracias por tu comentario:) el efecto lo logre renderizando al personaje con la iluminacion muy contrastada y despues lo puse en compocision en multiplay, para que las partes oscuras se hicieran transparentes, el borde se ve pintado por que agregue un poco de luz en photoshop…

Ooh ya vi el cuadro que dices en la esfera, no lo habia notado antes jaja, el suelo lo agregue en postpro ya que el resto tomo 13 horas en renderizarse e hice unos cambios en el piso antes de subirlo y no tenia tiempo para renderizar todo el cuadro

This scene looks stellar! It definitely reminds me of Edgar Alan Poe. Could you please provide some insight on how you modeled the intricate furniture? A model like that looks so daunting that I don’t even know where to begin

Gracias por compartir los tips, y al personaje. Lo de la bola en todo caso es un detalle insignificante; además es comprensible que pase ese tipo de cosas cuando se esta trabajando en una escena tan compleja, y más aún cuando uno quiere hacer cambios a última hora, y los tiempos de render son infernales (creo que es lo que más detesto del 3d, a parte de que salgan “fireflys” (cuadritos trolls del infierno) de la nada cuando uno aumenta el número de iteraciones en cycles xD).

saludos y mucha suerte en la competencia!

Thanks for sharing the tips, and the screenshot of the character. About the ball, in any case is trivial; that is normal when we are working on complex scenes, and more when we want make changes on the last minute, and the render times are infernals (I think that aspect of 3d I hate more, aside the unexpected fireflys when I increase the number of samples in cycles xD).

greetins and good luck in the competition!

Amazing, very impressed. No constructive criticism, I would have loved to see the process

@ItalianJoy Thanks! Glad you like it! Shure, i’m planning to do a tutorial about it, i was terrified of modelling such ornaments and it was the most difficult thing in the render but is nos as difficult as it seems, i started with a reference image and creating the ornament mesh on top of it, then i made the overall shape, the big and easy parts. I started in this order because i didn’t know if i could pull it nice, so i started with the most complex areas, it was really fun

@koots thank you for your comment, i’m thinking about writing an article with the whole process, is the first one i ever do and i always wanted to make one so i think this is a good chance to do it!

@joseperez i know what you mean, is really frustrating the times, and not seeing the final result right away, most are blind choices haha as if you were doing target shooting with your eyes closed, some work some don’t

Incredible, and congratulations. If this doesn’t win there’s some kind of conspiracy. I felt the ghost of Dickens looking at this piece.

Amazing, wonderful, I love it :yes:

Good luck in BG Comp!

Wonderful, Amazing, very impressive :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’m happy you liked it guys !

This is one of those rare scenes where you actually get me to log in and write something. I can’t believe how you pulled this off :smiley:
This just oozes atmosphere and I totally would like to explore this house and all it’s secrets. Very well done. I hope you win!

The only small critique I have is with the character. It could use some cold light on the backside, so he would look even more lonely and the fire wouldn’t seem quite as powerful.
But other than that, this is fantastic :slight_smile: Gonna be my wallpaper over the holidays.

wow thanks alot! It will be a honor to be displayed as your wallpaper :slight_smile: I didn’t put the cold light because i made the character partially transparent (is not so evident), so it was the fire that was illuminating him and at same time giving him shape… when that fire stop burning he will fade away and disappear…

Great work, i see all references u mention and i like the use of salomonic columns in the scene, hehe. the lights and colors are great.very beutifull all.


Thanks! I love salomonic columns haha