Christmas in the middle of nowhere - who can spot all of the 3 alpaca references ;-)

I am currently in the process of healing from a depression and Christmas time was particularly challenging this year. No holiday mood whatsoever. So, after starting with Blender 4 weeks ago, I decided to create my own Christmas scene to feel the spirit in the digital world. It all started with creating the tree and quickly got bigger and bigger.

Hope you enjoy these belated Christmas greetings.


Nice job!
I see the 4 alpaca Christmas lights, the alpaca on the glass candle holder, and (not sure if I’m correct about this) pinpoints of light in an alpaca shape cast by the alpaca Christmas light whose head is out of frame.

Thanks! There is one more (direct) Alpaca reference - so no reflection, shadows or the like.

:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Figured those pinpoints of light above the curtain weren’t right.
I can’t quite make out if the object in the mountain picture is an alpaca with a red blanket or not. Even after I switched from my phone to my laptop, the painting and the light sconce above it was too blurry for me to make out even when I tried zooming in.

I must just be missing it, sorry.

I’ve enjoyed the search though. Thank you.