Christmas Kart Game

Hello, and welcome to my newest project. Dont think henry is in the back seat…This project will last no longer than December 25th… :stuck_out_tongue:

I am currently working on designs and Graphics for a 2005 Christmas Kart game. Using 100% blender game engine.

Here are the first sketches and design ideas…

Over all Character Design, Test Kart sketch, engine design, and track layout

Santas New Kart, Roudolphs Barrel

Elfs Candy Cane Racer, Snowmans Plow

Here is a test I did to see what would look good for the track…

I am going with the solid blue with ice around the edge.

Looks like you’ve got some good ideas. Can you really do all that in twenty days?

Can Santa deliver toys to all the good girls and boys in 1 night!?!! I can with a christmas miracle!

erm, you spelt “brake” wrong

lol, me take a break!! yeah right. Low poly modeling is my fastest thing to do!

I am doing both projects. Worry not fellow bp dudes! Its CHRISTMAS!!!


You forget I am mr. Multi-task already Alex!! 2 computers means I can work on two things :).Render here, make a game on #2 :slight_smile:

Good Idea, I’d like to join soon… just waiting for some more people to join.

Woah! I really was gonna do this by myself…but OK!!! if you wanna help, I will do some sketches of the props at work today. They will have a very tight poly count restriction, but if your up to it. Expect them after 10 pm Central US time. I am going to model the Cars myself and main characters,but If you want to help with the props here is a quick list.

Christmas Trees (decorated)
Christmas trees (non-decorated, Snow on the branches)
Elves for the background(I will sketch these!!! so wait on them)
Giant wooden train
Giant Presents (to be randomly placed around the track)
Full Snowman(need about 4 of these diffrent hats and scarves)
Elves Houses (about 10 types, I will sketch these!!! so wait on them)
Giant nutcracker(2 of these, 1 red jacket, 1 green jacket)

Prop Poly counts should not exceed 300 polys, lower you can meke them the better. Thanks guys!

Ha ha! This looks really fun. :smiley: Can’t wait to see it finished.

Haha, sorry, I misread. I thought it was a blender projects game. I think I’ll let you do it by yourself especially since I’m still working on getting better at blender. I really do want to see this finished though.

I made a Christmas screensaver earlier, you can use some of the stuff I used if you want, although it might be a bit too high poly.

Update, I have 1 more to color and scan before I hit the sack.

I’ll try and get something done for you! Nice sketches, btw…

EDIT: Here’s a snowman and a tree I made today:

bumps my edit didn’t do it…

Actually there’s every chance that it isn’t spelt wrong at all.

“I break for cookies” - meaning that one would take a break in order to have cookies.

“I brake for cookies” - meaning to stop suddenly in order to allow cookies to cross the street. (How do you know they don’t %|)

Personally I often break for cookies :stuck_out_tongue:

TO be honest…I thought Alex_g was giving me a hard time for taking a break from the crosswalk project.

As in…Umm you forgot to say “I AM TAKING A BREAK!”

I totally diddnt realize he was talking about the bumper sticker.

Alex_g is a member of blenderprojects so i took it as a joke.

I get it now…:stuck_out_tongue:


heh, I didn’t realise you didn’t notice,

and yeah it was about the bumper sticker :wink:

Ok I worked on Crosswalk till 1 AM last night…Got up at 8 AM to work on the Kart game…

Here is the track layout and first model.

The walls will be invisible, they are ment to keep you on the track.

EDIT More elfs.