Christmas lights - Help needed.

Ok, rendered off this picture as it will show my problem quickly.

Basically with our the little emitting bits in the middle of the bulbs, this scene renders out perfectly, however, as soon as the lights come into it, I get this mess… this was 2000 passes, but I can’t see it clearing up …well, ever lol

I’ve tried using a mixture of diffuse and transparent setups instead of glass… looked awful…

Any suggestions here would be greatly welcomed, thanks in advance.

Its most likely a problem with the version of cycles you have, I did some tests for light going through glass… and in older versions of cycles it bugged like that, and light didn’t transmit properly, try updating.

Yeah got the latest build off graphicall… I wish that were the problem :frowning:

Been mucking around with various combinations of shaders all day…

Came up with this, which I actually dont think looks tooooo bad, though its a total cheat in terms of realism.

I applied a 10% emission to the glass, then toned down the emission of the element so its just bright enough to still sort of appear to be the source of the light.

Still happy to listen to any better suggestions and would welcome feedback on the general effect I have currently.

How did you want it look, do you have a photo of it happening in real life so I can try and re-create it?