Christmas Lights

(shawnsonium) #1

It’s been a long time since I made anything in Blender, and I was somewhat in the Christmas spirit today, so I decided to make this. This is all I got for now. In the future, I plan on adding falling snow, more detail to the house/cabin (chimney, windows, etc.), and perhaps Santa’s sleigh flying over.

I apologize for the darkness of the image. If your monitor is dark, you may just be able to see the lights and nothing else. Doesn’t matter much anyway, because the lights are the main focus of the image, not the background.

EDIT - I added some things to the image. Now instead of all blue lights, they now follow a sequence of blue, green, red. Added clouds, and “Merry Christmas” (added in GIMP). - 640 x 480

(Lordbenny) #2

Very nice!

Try making them different colours.

Green, red, ect.

(shawnsonium) #3

Making the lights different colours is another thing I plan on doing in the future. It will look awesome when everything is changed.

(allison) #4

Looks really good, i like the detail inside the bulbs, except that i don’t think that the lights would get lighter/brighter as they go into the distance. Maybe they do, as we don’t have any christmas lights up for me to check, but it looks odd to me as you have them do that. Although i am not sure about this, i just wanted to mention it.

Other than that it looks great.


(BgDM) #5

I get a page not found. :frowning:

BTW, where are you in Canada? I’m in Cambridge, ON.


(shawnsonium) #6

I had to remove the image to fix something with the Shaw webspace it was on, and I forgot to upload it again after I was done. It’s working again now.

I live in Lloydminster, AB/SK, the only city in Canada that’s on a border between two provinces.

(shawnsonium) #7

Yeah, I noticed this, too. It’s caused by the halos I added to each light to give it more of a glowing effect. The lights furthest away from the camera appear to be closer together, and so do their halos. The halo colours mix together and produce a white glow. I could easily fix this if the lights were dupliframes on a path, but I tried to do that and it screwed the lights up. I just manually Shift-D duplicated the lights all the way down. I could still fix it by dimming the halos in the distance, but I’m too lazy…I’ll probably do it later.
I’m a really bad procrastinator…so don’t expect it to be fixed any time soon. :-?

To anybody else, I’m also fully aware that there is no electrical cord in the chain of lights. :smiley:

(pofo) #8

Very nice :slight_smile:

Except that I hate those different coloured christmas lights :x , they tend to put me in an anti-christmas mood.
But hey, that’s just me :wink:

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