Christmas Living room Scene

I entered this into the Blender Guru Christmas competition and wanted to perfect it. Please give any critiques! Thnx!

Perhaps fixing its invisibility would help.:smiley: (It doesn’t seem to be loading.):spin:

There, i fixed the “invisibility” :stuck_out_tongue: thanx @yg3D

It’s a great piece already, with potential for more.

  1. The fire- excellent!!!
  2. Presents under the tree- very good, especially the ribbon on the white one.
  3. The tree- looks realistic (what can be seen of it).
  4. Lighting- partly good. A nice warm reddish-orange, but not enough of it (see below).
  5. Rug, floor, and fireplace textures- all good.

Where it could be better:

  1. Overall scene lighting is too dark. The tree would be almost invisible if not for the strings of lights. The armchair on the right is also almost invisible. The eye seems drawn towards the fireplace.
  2. The lights could be more evenly spread over the tree.
  3. Inside of the fireplace needs more texture.
  4. Back wall could use some more features (lights, framed pictures, Christmas decorations, etc). Except for the wallpaper, it looks rather flat and featureless.

Its looking great! I totally agree with GregHx. I think the most important part is the lightning. Maybe you could let the lights in the tree shine more, so they ‘really’ emit light in the tree?

Does anyone have tips for adding light to this scene? I want to improve how well you see everything without messing up the “warm” feel of the scene.


thnx p33p, I will try your idea out!

Here is an update with better lighting, new Christmas light spreading, a texture for the inside of the fireplace, and pictures on the wall.
I cant get rid of the noise on the wall! I did 20,000 passes in cycles which took 32 hours to render! Any tips for faster render times? I am going to make more colors for the lights in the next render. I am also going to add a barrier for the fire also . Any suggestions for the rest of the scene?

i tried to post here 3 times , whats up , how many times must one sign in ? do you have any idea how much time i have spent writing these critiques ? im still learning to type , why even bother if your web site doesnt work ? bro.steve77

How about adding a framed mirror over the mantle, maybe reflecting some Christmas lights? would that lighten things up a bit? you might have to balance the artwork alittle to make it work. absoulutly beautiful work , it reminds me of Christmas as a little boy!

@bro.steve77 I was thinking about putting a Christmas wreath over the mantle, but i’ll check if a mirror looks nice :).

I’d add a blue-ish nighttime glow coming in from an off-screen window.

I don’t think it would ruin the fire-side feel, but rather would serve to illuminate the tree and chair, and would give contrast to the warm red glow.