Christmas Morning

Hey guys this will be my entry for the Blender Guru competition…

I think its pretty much done, but if you see any problems that you see that could be fixed fell free to point them out. :slight_smile:

I hope you all like it:

Only smallest thing - the shirt would hang down straight at the side, not pinch inward toward the ribs and stomach. Looks great other than that, nice composition

Been stalking this design, the kid still looks weird to me I hope you don’t mind me saying. Though the hands look better than before, they still look stretched along with the whole body, perhaps if you can make the kid “rounder”, not to the point of chubbier, it might make him look more natural, more realistic.

Also I’m curious about the bright light coming from the left, I assume this scene takes place in the xmas morning when the kid gets excited over the presents. And the lights on the xmas tree should be off in the morning. Just something that’s bothering me. Maybe I’m weird.

If you could create more variations of the present boxes that would be even better.

hope that helps!

Thanks for the feedback guys :slight_smile: I was wondering if you could be a little more specific on the roundness?

Here is what the mesh looks like right now:

I am by no means an anatomist, and would like to know what to make more round…

Here is a paint over that shows how I think the body should be fuller there, with the shirt relaxed and draped


Thanks Craig I appreciate the time you put into helping me :slight_smile: and will be posting an updated version later today. :smiley:

Sure thing, help accepted is opportunity to learn on both ends :smiley:

How’s this?

Better pose too :smiley:

thats one of the better ones, good luck for the competition! the second picture is a big improvement. but the cloth still looks a little bit heavy. but can’t say what to change exactly. good job.

Wow!! You did a great job on that! I love the finished picture! I’m not very far at all on my Christmas picture and I can’t find a lot of time to work on it. Good job again!

there we go, the kid looks better, by rounder i meant like baby fat-ish.