Christmas movie project idea (hurry)



Recently, when I was cleaning up my hard drive, I found a blender file that I had done about one year ago. There was a rigged santa that didn’t look too bad. And a winter scene. Last year I couldn’t do anything much with it, just some simple renders. But now a (maybe crazy) idea popped in my mind: make a very short christmas movie in 4 months (maybe 3-6 minutes max). So I think that I should ask you guys what you think about this idea.
I am very good at designing environment, modelling buildings and texturing. I have been doing this for about 5 years or more I think.
Would we be able to gather a team including:
advanced animators(including rigging), sound/music designer, compositor, story/script writer and special effects maker, (concept drawer) in max one week?
One guy can do many jobs (for example, me :), or like story writer can draw concepts also).
What I can do: Designing houses, buildings, objects, environment. Texturing everything but characters (I have a quite big and very good texture collection). Lighting. Secondary jobs I can do: Concept drawing. Story writing. Voice. Sounds. Basic compositing. Video editing. Rendering. I can also do rigging and animation, but I’m sure that I will find someone who could do better!
Here is the plan:

September - Starting:

Concepts, Ideas, Script/Story
Characters, Rigging, Preparing, Making some basic actions
Start designing scenes, props etc

October - Working hard:

Environment, Basic lighting

November - Additional things:

Finishing animating and scenes
Environment (details), Advanced lighting
Compositing, Special effects
Rendering, Voices, Music, SFX sounds

December - Finalizing:

Finishing everything
Working with sequencer (adding sounds etc)
Finishing movie

December - 25 - RELEASE (the earlier the better).

If this project really starts, it’s in a hurry. To finish it in time, we need people who have enough time to work on in!

Additional: I don’t want this one to look so proffessional and perfect, but just very GOOD. It’s just because there isn’t enough time. But 3-6 minutes should be possible to do in 4 months.

Please reply fast :slight_smile:

-Hans Kristjan