Christmas Nightmare [TTG1]

I present you a sneak peak of a game called Chritmas Nightmare. It was made in three weeks time for a competition similar to Blenderartists Chalenge.
I hope to put a demo version after finishing the first stage. All was made using UPBGE 2.4.
Hope you enjoy wathing it :slight_smile:
Leave a coment if you like.



Why was this done in upbge, was some of it not possible in the bge?

UPBGE is about 3-4 times faster. Also it has static shadow, realtime reflection,

Here is my small game for christmas:)
It is not finished, and unfortunetly I have no time now for it.

There is no menu so:
Movement - WASD+ mouse= space bar -Jump., Left shift = run.
Attack - left, middle and right mouse button.
Changing weapons - 1 or 2 button. (when you will find the second one)
To take the weapon you must look on it and there should be a sign"pick up", then you push left mouse button and grab it.

To open it you have to download latest UPBGE 2.4.
Merry Christmas to you all !!!

PS. Rar file includes all, textures, sounds and a Blend file.


i like it. make the animations snappier though

sources ?

why ?

I do not understand what do you want…

This looks really fun. UPBGE is faster but less stable in my experience.

i don’t even remember i wrote that (???) lol … what is this ?