Christmas Ornament

UPDATE -NEW ANIMATION- :christmas_tree: :snowman_with_snow:

I decided to create a little animation to give this ornament (which is one of my favourite) a little more life.
I could have never done this without the help of @prod.tokyoline6 who created the sound design, a foundamental part to make it feel warm and cozy, just like christmas should be!! Huge thanks to him, go check him out!!

Scroll down to see the renders

This is my christmas project!
The main subject along with the pine cones are photoscanned objects, i shot roughly 200 photos for the house and 150 for the pine cones. Processed them using RealityCapture and did the rest in Blender (modeling of the battery, lighting and rendering). Some minor post processing was done in Gimp!

If you want to see more, here’s my Instagram


awesom work man

Awesome work! really nice

Thanks so much!!

Thank you, glad you like it!!

Awesome work. Love the fine detail and realism!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks so much Bart!!!

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Soooo cute! I love the details :heart_eyes:

thank you so much, really glad you like it!!!

You’re on the featured row! :+1:

Really glad, thank you so much!!!
I appreciate it!!

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absolutely Love it

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Thank you so much, really happy you like it!!

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Impressive realism!

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Thank You!!!

Looks extreme realistic! Respect!

Thanks man!!

so beautiful!!

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Really happy to hear that!!