Christmas picture for a cristmas calender

Im making this for a friend. Dimensions is hes choice. How do u think i could add more christmas athmosphere?


Looks nice so far. Maybe add some bows for the gifts, and some holly laying beside them.

Right now the scene is too plain, also, don’t put the boxes directly in the middle of the camera view, make it slightly off center, and give it perhaps a small buffered shadowcast to the empty side. I would thoough in some candles or orniments or other winter type festive items.

Ok… Thx for all the nice comments u have given. I have placed the presents to the right and changed the light a little bit. Ive desided to make some fading from red to black from left to right and then add some nice text with the gimp att the right side of the image. If you got any ideas to improve the actual scene i will be glad to hear them.


Add bows to the boxes, add other Christmas decorations, etc. Right now it’s still too plain. Also, I don’t see why the wrapping would be reflective. Is it just supposed to be shiney metal wrapping?