Christmas scene-WIP

This is for my family’s christmas cards. C&C welcome as always.
I know i need osa. I just have it off so it wont kill the bump map.

I think you need to invert your brick bump map.

Nice start, but could you give us a better view of it? The only things I notice are that you don’t have OSA on (:P), that inverted bump map, and the light from inside (I assume it’s the fireplace) should have shadows turned on so that it doesn’t illuminate everything outside. Or you could turn on sphere to contain the light.

here is an update. added snow. fixed lighting issues. Fixed chimney bumpmap. Added porch lamp

Next to come: Trees, Snow on roof.

No material yet for the house, steps or porch floor.

For those who are curious, The snow on the steps are Metaballs.

What is that in front of the house, a river? If it is supposed to be a road, which I think it may just be, make it black or something. Also, I’d like to see a moon or something in the background. Hmmm… the scene overall looks kind of empty… Spend some time dressing the set with props and such (like maybe a car out front, etc.) and these scene will be great!

I think this pic’s house’s angle and position makes for better composition.

I also suggest making the stars smaller and having more of them… unless that’s snow, then I’d suggest adding stars. :wink:

Nice pic, though, fairly well implemented. I love the porch snow… heh, I’d never have thought metaballs %| .

it looks like you have too much sib division on the house. and you need another portion of railing beside the door, other wise its nice.