Christmas Scene

Seasons Greetings! Nearing the end of this project. Textures and a few items from Poliigon. Horse from CGTrader. Looking for input. Thanks!


nice work, keep it up!!
there is something wronk with the normal map of your wooden floor, either its inverted or its set as a color texture (those are the things i would check)

I would tweak the lighting so that there would be somewhat darker areas and the interesting parts would be highlighted. Now the lighting is a bit sterile.

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There is also an overall yellow cast to the light . . .

But, the detail is delicious. :christmas_tree:

Thanks Pastean, yes, the bump on the floor was a little messed up. No normals in the texture, but my bumps were were set to color. I also used a Floor Generator add on and really upped the warp of the boards. Looking for a nice worn look. Also, I think my dirt was a bit too strong.

Thanks Tiku, I think you’re right. Still trying to increase contrast without burying the shadows.

Thank you Sundialsvc4. Yes, a bit too yellow.

Perhaps my criticism might be better-put as, "right now, the lighting is a bit too uniform."

The necessary differences in lighting will be very, very subtle, because there’s a heck of a lot going on in this scene that must continue to be “properly illuminated,” but slight differences that will help to create a “lighted pathway” for the eyes will probably help to make this scene more digestible to the viewer. Perhaps let there be a little bit more of an impression that the candelabra, the fireplace and the tree really are somehow contributing to the light – without making the scene look dim.

I agree with the above mentions of the lighting. Some darker areas should add interest to the scene and make it less modern looking. Overall though it looks really good.

What I noticed was how white the lights were on the tree and lamps, but the overall room look is much warmer. But maybe they used the new fangled LED candles on their tree. :slight_smile:

I love the homey feeling in this. Maybe would be good to add some kind of texture over the pictures to make them look more wrinkled or faded.