Christmas Scene

Well this took 3 days (drawing on/off) to complete so I thought it deserved a seperate thread:

Enjoy and Merry Christmas! :smiley:

Hi calvin;

I like it very much!!! :smiley:



Is that a giraffe or a camel on the left there?

TheANIMAL, I have no idea…

still, THanks :smiley:

Like it! Love Jesus’s expression.

im jewish…

back on topic : wat program did u use

As are most of the people in the drawing.



Now now now, For all we know, Calvin could be drawing his own birth… :wink:

Ontopic: Great piece Calvin, I really like the expressions of the animals.


bahahaha baby Jesus is givin everyone the finger ! excellent iscribble work Calvin :]

He is pointing up… :confused:

wat program did u use, but you should be able to use any tool… it’s just a regular pen brush.

im jewish…

Well Jesus was Jewish, the first christians were exclusively Jewish until they decided to spread Christianity to all nations.

Christianity is in sense a Jewish religion :smiley:

Some Jews accepted Jesus as the Messiah (Thus were referred to as Christians)… some decided that He was not the one and continue to wait for the Messiah to this day.



just joking :slight_smile:

I like the soft look of the painting :slight_smile: Lots of likeable charictors :smiley: