Christmas Scene

A little late but i did this in December but found the render so ill post it :stuck_out_tongue:
a modified a version of another scene but i cant find the original to link to it, so come forward if you know who you are :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you got an Image for this thread?

yes, sorry about that i didnt notice the size limitations

That looks very nice. The color on the house doors stands out a bit much. Are the snow flakes particles or post pro?

particles and its not the door your seeing, thats to the left at the front. the orange thingy is a window to inside :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh now I get it. seeing the logs on the inside threw me off there.

Looks nice. Was this your Christmas card last year? :slight_smile:

You used AO, right? The low sampling makes the image (the snow especially) look a little dirty. If it’s a noise map, I’d suggest maybe using it for Specularity or Reflectivity instead of Color.

On an overcast day like that, I’d also expect more ambient lighting. If you hit the walls of the cabin with some soft fill lights, I think it’d really punch the final picture up.

Heh. I’d be tempted to add a second caption that says, “Staying in for the holidays…”

Add a kid on the roof, and mom just coming out for a walk, and that’s the perfect storm for a good time and a sure grounding :smiley:

nice, the mailbox looks a bit weird, and it looks a lot like that other Christmas scene
edit: oh I see you said that, sorry, I’m searching for the image now, was going to check but it’s down
edit2: ok the original was made by Krzysztof Nowacki, and is in december/2006 gallery at, which is currently down soooo… here

I will delete the link from this post if you wish

> a modified a version of another scene but i cant find the original to link to it

i do say that :stuck_out_tongue:

lol yeah I saw that after, sorry :o