Christmas Scene

Just a trial run after much absence on blender

Ok, let me see:

  1. Red ball’s reflections feels wrong
    2.Glass is too clean and unrealistic
  2. The hat should have more and thinner hair, if your PC can handle it
  3. Generally, more variation on all hair, they seem too straight and regular
  4. The scene looks very clean
  5. Total lack of compositing, but I don’t think you have to worry about that yet…
  6. The lighting is not interesting
    Don’t take what I said personally, I as well have huge problems with shading and texturing and I’m no lighting expert. But I’ve come to realise that lighting is very important, especially when you’re trying to tell a story.
    Still, you seem to model pretty well, so, keep trying.
    And good luck with the competition, now I have to prepare my entry, so, bye…

mae it a dark scene and us a dim glow enlighted from your candle, also make the glass reflect.
Use a texture background for all your metal reflections, polish the candle a bit too.

  1. Just in what way is the reflection wrong? Nothing is 100% reflective and that’s the lowest I wanted to go.
  2. Which glass??? The only glass is with the candy canes in the back - if you’re talking of the red ball, it’s not glass textured. If you’re talking of the copper ball it’s tarnished low reflect copper.

3 - working on that, PC may handle it

  1. Too clean? Are you saying that there should be more mess? I didn’t want too much as to be overwhelming but what to add?

6 & 7 - composting is something I’ve never really broached. The tutorials I’ve found always seem to skip a step or two, if you can point out a good one for cycles than I’ll apply it.

If I may,

  1. The red glass bulb is reflecting the table top prominantly but nothing is reflected in the upper hemisphere. You can tell by looking at the bulb that you’re scene is embedded in infinite gray space. Similar with the other bulb. The problem may not be with reflection but with lighting. You should enclose the scene in a white room and allow the light to bounce around.

  2. Yea it’s the glass jar holding the candy canes. It looks to thin and too transparent.

I got to thinking about the brass candlestick and I tried something that may be helpful (or may not). Kinda pulled this idea out of my ass, but maybe it will help. But first, two free CgCookie tutorials that could help:

  1. Faking Reflections

  2. Improving Reflections with HDR Images

But what I wanted to show you is this:
First I put a brass cymbol into your image:
Just to use as a reference. Then using a texturing program called Substance Designer I applied a “Chrominance Extract” filter which extracts how much color is present in the pixels:

  1. Chrominance

And desaturating the chrominance extract:

I’m not exactly sure what we’re looking at here with the desaturated chrominance, but I’ve isolated the cymbol relative to the candlesticks. So there might be something there. But If the cymbol surface was the goal, then you can see you haven’t reached that goal. I think the main point is that in the chrominance extract the cymbol looks quite uniform. I guess that reflects the fact that the there is little noise in the color of the symbol. The dark concentric rings of the cymbol are variations of lightness/darkness not variations of color.

Also, notice how the black “SEBIAN” logo turned to white and so also did the large radial foremost streak of light across the surface turned white. I think this tells you that there is no color information in those areas. I think the color information was blown out by the light, and then the black paint for the logo doesn’t count as chrominance. So if that’s true, your candlestick appears blotchy because it has blotchy chrominance.

So with this kinda guesswork, I would say try giving the candlestick material a uniform color to it, then use the lighting more for highlights and less for shadows.

Edit: I guess only two of the three images I attached are showing. Ill try to attach the images in a different post


Chrominance extract: