Christmas scene

Hi guys
I’m making a christmas scene for christmas. If I get it finished on time I might enter it into the BG contest, but I don’t think I will. It looks a bit bare a the minute but I will be adding snow trees and whatever else I can think of. Comments appreciated. Textures and everything else will be added later on and if anyone has any suggestions of what I could put in the scene could you please tell me. :eyebrowlift:

That’s really cool. Definitely an improvement in your Blender workings. I am convinced that this will soon be a great scene.

Thanks blenderjunkie
Any tips of what I could put in it?

Ok, here it is with a few trees and a sleigh. Still no textures or snow yet.

The sleigh needs to be more solid, like with a solidify modifier. The trees are fine. Is it a horse drawn sleigh, or just a little kid sleigh?

Ok, the sleigh is just a decoration really which I’m going to add more of.