Christmas: Sheep & Angels

Yep, Christmas is getting closer and closer. Stores will very soon begin to go
into “Christmas mode” (if they aren’t already). Isn’t it lovely how we get to
enjoy the holiday for months…:rolleyes:

Well, I did a piece last year depicting the wise men (or magi) following the
star to Bethlehem. This year, I plan to do a sequel…

The piece will this time show another famous event from Christmas Eve: the
sheperds and the angels. In short the time when some sheperds are visited
by an angel, and soon thereafter many of them, giving the news that baby
Jesus is born.
Because of the big number of sheep and angels I plan to have in this piece,
the title of it is: “Sheep & Angels” (might be a temporary title…we’ll see).


Concept Sketch:
I’ve done this quick sketch, hoping that it will give an idea of how I plan
to make this image. I hope that you’ll be able to get the idea in despite of
my poor drawing and scanning abilities.

Lots of sheep, and lots of angels, heh.

Sheep (wip 1)
Started by doing the sheep. Got into studying some sheep anatomy (I never
like to model something complex without having studied it first, and collected
tons of references). I then worked on/off for about a week or so, and got
this. It’s not very detailed, but since it’s meant to be seen from afar,
it’s okay. The sheep is still wip, but I consider it to be pretty finished…

More to come!

Man, this looks great. I’m happy if I manage something like this in some years :smiley:

Looking forward to seeing more.


svenniemannie: Thank you very much!

Human (wip 1):
I’m gonna have both sheperds and angels in this piece, so I’ll need a human
model to manipulate around with. I’ve done some modeling over the weekend,
and this is what I’ve come up with so far.
Once again, it’s meant to be seen from afar - the level of detail I’ve put into
this is already far too much (overkill big time!). I’ve tried to get the anatomy
right generally, but it’s mostly just been some quick modeling, so keep that
in mind. I’m not going for 100% anatomy (aiming at that wouldn’t make sense,
since it’s not at all the focus of the image), yet I’d love to have some crits
on this as well!

Screenshot of current progress. Still a bit to go before it’s done…

Might seem overwhelming that I suddenly throw everything I’ve got at you,
but don’t let that hold you back! Please feel free to critisize and comment away!!!

First off great idea. About your sheep, it looks great. I don’t think more detail is required, but then again adding more would be nice if you ever made a video panning the scene. My only advice on the sheep is for the actual composition of the shot. I would vary the color of the wool on the sheep slightly; not so much for everyone and also not very drastic in difference. That would help break up some of the monotony.

About your human same advice with the detail only if you ever make a panning video. However I would widen the rear a bit. It’s a bit dainty when compared to the torso and chest region.

I’m am looking forward to seeing this completely. Keep up the great work.


Great work so far,

I havent studied sheep anatomy but I owned them for a while, the eye is done well, the head seems a little big for the body and the legs could be just a bit longer, but on the whole nice model.

Wow, Looking great, esp. the sheep!

The mans armpits seem a bit deep though.

maybe you could show us some wires?

Great work so far - really like the sheep. That body looks more like the body of an angel than a sheperd to me.

2disbetter: Thanks!
I’m not at all planning for animation on this one, so yea, the level of detail ough to
be okay.
I plan to make the sheep differ a bit in color.

You’re right about the rear. I’ll make it a bit wider, and also make the shoulders
a bit narrow as well.

Zero Kid: Thanks!
You’re right about the head and the legs. I’ll take a look at it…

Cuby: Thanks!
Guess you’re right about the armpits, yet don’t let the viewport shading fool
you. I’ll try to improve upon it for next update…

neablo: Thanks! I’ll hopefully post later today… stay tuned.

yogyog: Thanks.
I’ve modeled the body mostly with the angels in mind. I’ll modify it a bit to suit
the sheperds, but they are going to be covered a bit more in clothing, so it doesn’t
have to be a lot of detailed tweaking.

Please keep commenting, keep critisizing!

So, wire for the people…if they are interested, that is. :slight_smile:
Human body wire
Sheep wire

Havent done a large effort to get the loops perfect, but would like to have some crits on that if you have any.

The buttocks are very pinched and do not flow properly. Not sure if it will be seen in the final render, but if you are practicing your human modelling, I would try and fix it up.

The sheep looks very simple, but again, with it being covered in fur, that may not be an issue at all. THough the tris on the hooves may become a problem later.


hmm, the knees are too low imo.

Good start, but the buttocks look like they’re bones or something. Not natural. Other than that, not too much to crit. Good luck.

Can’t wait to see the next great work from you. Also looking forward to your bowl of apples. Especially since I started a similar project not too long ago.

BgDM: I will take a look at the buttocks, but it isn’t high priority since they’ll be
hid away under clothing (oh my, I’m actually having cloth in here as well!:frowning:
It’s gonna be a tough one!).

I’ve rigged the sheep, and experimented around with it. They way I set it up, the
tris aren’t really causing any problems. I’ll let 'em be…

Yoeri: The foot and the angle isn’t done yet. That’s why it looks odd.

MartyJ: Yea, I’ll take a little look at the buttocks.

My bowl of apples is just a little project I have on the side. It’s been there on/off
for months now (back from right after I did “Starry Night”). I’m glad you look
forward to it. We’ll see what how turns out to be…I must say, that since the
image I posted on the website, a few new surprises has sneaked in…

Keep coming!

I’m very impressed by your great modelling skills, and considering your age, this is a great performance and it is very promising for your future. I also appreciate the time you spend to analyse and evaluate your models. Your sheep is just great, I would consider some more work on the tease to get it a bit more hairy. Your human is nice too. Can’t wait to see the evolution of this project.

enricoceric: Thanks!
What do you exatly mean by making the sheep more hairy? Could you explain
that a bit more, please?

Keep posting your thoughts!

Fantastic start. Already put a lot more detail in anything than I would have, especially considering the shepards and angels are both usually portrayed in robes.

One thing to think about - night-time shepherds would probably have been relatively poor and either young or old and likely relatively short or even stunted compared to modern well-nourished body shapes.

Angels are generally described as tall and strong looking. Unless you’re going for a C.S. Lewis’ S.F. angel, of course :slight_smile: IIRC, they were more crystalline… shape… things… than humanoid.

First off…I have always admired your work…the sheeps fur is remarkebly realistic. I loved your last one about the wise man and I can’t wait to see this one…KEEP IT UP!