Christmas: Sheep & Angels

dgebel: Thanks! I guess I’m doing maybe a little too much detail, yes. For
instance, don’t think taking putting too much energy into the buttocks will
pay off :slight_smile: (did take a little look at them in the update below though).

Yes, altering this mesh to become the shepherds will be a bit of a task.

3dak: Thank you very much. Hope I don’t disappoint you.

And for some updates. The whole update process is a bit free flowing and
floating around. It’ll of course be more arranged when I start on the piece itself.

Human body (wip 2):
I worked with the crits I got. Hope it’s gotten a bit better now. Also put some
feet on him this time.

Human head (wip 1):
Starting on the head a bit. Still some time to go 'till it’s all done.

Crit, comment, post whatever you think of!

Um… best of luck, can’t wait to see this finished, great idea? :slight_smile:

One thing I would recommend about your initial sketch/concept - not quite so many sheep. A few groups, some by the tree, a few on the hill (?) off to the left - let us see the ground. Also, what is in the middle? A lake/pond with reflection?

Keep it up!

Check the Proportions on the head, and I think you need look at those lips again. The Brow doesn’t continue past the ear.

On the Sheep: are those particles, or are they polygons with an alphamap? the reason I asked is that you can see a rectagular shapp patterned into the wool. What repherence photo are you using for the sheep, I understand that sheep look different depending on location. Other than that the comp on the pic looks good. I would recomend lowering the sheep count, seeing as it would take away from the initial pic.

“Christmas comes but once a year. And then stays for three months”

I hope I don’t dissapoint you

Well…I don’t think that I’ll be dissapointed considering your models that you’ve posted. Keep up the good work. I can’t wait to see the angels…how do you plan on making them appear angelic? Make them transparent?

hey, really amazing detail in your modeling, and very accurate too.

the sheep rocks!

the only thing i thought of when looking at your drawing is the amount of angels in the background looked off? i think to keep the image simple and not too cluttered is to maybe have just one angel in the center or, maybe off center top right or left coming down.

then use the bottom of your image to fill in lots of different sheep and there reaction, kind of like the sheep and men are walking one direction then the angel is coming down and they are looking back???

just an idea, but yeah i would keep it simple, if you create too many sheep and too many angels the image will become very busy and i think you will lose the power and feeling of it all??

just my ideas, like i said the modeling to mee looks flawless, especailly scince you wil have clothing covering most of the model, and it will also be so small i wouldnt worry about getting it perfect.

but i did have some thoughts about the overall plan and sketch, but do what need to do,

great stuff!!

:D:mad: :smiley: :mad: :smiley: :mad: YAAAY CHRISTMAS:D:mad::smiley: :mad: :smiley:

Caius: Yea, you’re propably right about not placing so many sheep there.
The “thing in the middle” is just the landscape and herd expanding beyond and
below the hill in the foreground. Again, my drawing skills aren’t as good as I wish
they were…

Framedworld: Correct points about the head. But I still got a long way to go
with it. The proportions though are taken out of some of Leonardo Da Vinci’s
work, simply because I find his style fits what I want to achieve. There is
something more old and classic about his drawings than the anatomy references
of more modern times…

The sheep fur is particles with alpha map. I know that it has a lot of flaws when
it’s this close, but it’s fine when it’s further away. I can’t lock onto one specific
reference or breed of sheep I’ve tried to do. I’ve been going through tons of
sheep photos, and just done some freestyle texturering based upon that. One
kind of sheep I didn’t want to do at all though, was the modern sheep you
nomally encounter on farms these days. Those completely white and perfect
sheep wouldn’t at all fit into a setting like this.

3Distracted: Right about that!:smiley:

3dak: If there’s something I’d like to avoid, then it’s making the angels transparant.
They are not some kind of ghost-like fantasy creatures. They are real things,
appear in solid flesh and bones, and I intend to make them appear in flesh and
bones here as well, just like they did. (or mesh and rigs, if you will):wink:
I am considering making them glow, but no transparancy for the angels.

Super Wu-Man: Woah! Not often you post in the focused critique forum! What
an honor, heh!:wink:

I’m gonna have many angels in the piece, simply because there were many
angels there.
I quote:

[quote=Luke ;)]And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God,

  • Luke 2:13[/quote]
    For those not speaking Biblelish (I don’t really) it basically says that there
    suddently appeared a big bunch of angels praising God. Pretty cool stuff, I’d
    say, and a great oppotunity to make an image where one can dwell on details
    and of course killing my computer rendering it - that’s great!:slight_smile:
    The scale and detail level the piece requires has a big part in, that I really
    want to do it, since I myself love images with great detail… I mean the ones
    where details doesn’t confuse the overall image and still have a nice composition
    and idea to it. I hope to achieve the same with this piece…

Keep commenting! Lovely with so much feedback already!

Looks like it’s going to be a nice image. :slight_smile:

I like to put a whole lot of detail in my images, but I think I have a tendancy to lose a clear composition when I do that. Maybe this is something to keep in mind when putting all those angels and sheep in the image. I expect you’ll do an excellent job, though, judging from your “altruism” image.

Great work so far. I look forward to seeing more. :slight_smile:

Clean3D: Thanks! I hope that I won’t loose the clear composition as well. We’ll
see about all that…


Wow true talent and imagination when i see it!!!:wink:

I completely agree with you, they are real and they did appear…and I wasn’t necassarily saying that they HAD to be transparent, it is just a common approach. So, my question still stands…how are you going to make them appear like angels (besides the wings of course) because in almost every situation when angels appeared the angels had to say, “Don’t be afraid.” So how do you plan on pulling this off?

Besides the angel point, I feel that more than one angel is the way to go, but I think that there should be way more sheep than there are angels, maybe you can give the false impression that there are hundreds of angels without actually having hundreds of 3d angels. I don’t know but I am sure you will think of something. Keep it up man.


I find it very interesting when people bring their faith into their work. Now though I am not religious (infact thoughs who were on the ET thread know my Beliefs, but I will leave them at the door here) I can really respect this and the personal pasion that will be infused within the work. I wish you the best of luck on this piece. The glow would probably be done best with a node setup. And any word on whether the amount of sheep will change? I really recomend lessening it.

trak wrecka: Thank you very much!

3dak: Good points and questions. Besides having wings, I think the glow and the
fact that the angels are floating around in the sky is enough to justify the shepherds
being afraid. I mean, in their place, I would be.:smiley:

In my latest image, “altruism”, I had 44.000 characters (most of them on alpha planes).
A few hundred should be possible with some of the same techniques, or maybe
a few new ones.

Framedworld: In all of those images I work for months on, I need to have some
substance in them for me to be able to work so long on them. I wouldn’t be able
to work as long and as hard on an image, with no emotional resonance.
Yea, I think you’re right about that a few less sheep might work better.

Human body (wip 3): A small update - added hands. Not much progress lately, since I have been a bit buisy with other things.

Keep posting!

The body is stellar! awesome work! will they animate properly? wires?

Framedworld: Thanks!
I think, and hope it will deform properly when rigged. I dread the weight painting
process, since that’s really where it’s going to work or not. I hope I won’t have
to paint for ages for it to work. Well, that’s for later on…

Human (wip 4 - modeling done):
I have stitched the head onto the body, and touched up where needed. There are
still details left I could work more on, but I won’t dwell more on this, since detail
level is already way too high. Next step will be texturing (I’m already playing a bit
around with unwrapping the mesh properly) and materials.

And high-res for those interested!

Don’t hold back! Crit away!! :slight_smile:

Looking great man, when you say stitch do you actually mean stitching by hand (adding and removing verts) or is there an automatic stitching feature in blender?

About the project…I have to say I love your work. I went to your site and saw your latest work…from my point of view, and somewhat knowing where you stand I think it is the mark of the beast. Am I right?

3dak: Thanks.
I stitched it by hand (merging vertices and adding as needed).

I don’t like to comment to much on the meaning behind my images. You’ll have
to make your own interpretation of the image, not inherit mine.

Please keep posting your thoughts!

You’ll have
to make your own interpretation of the image, not inherit mine.

Spoken like a true artist. Well put.

Human body texturing (wip 1):
I’ve been unwrapping and texturing today. I’m pretty close to done. Again, some
details could need more attention, but I won’t spend all my time texturing this
thing. Got to get going, if I want to finish this off in time.

Please post your thoughts!

The angels are off in the Distance, right? If not, then the brow region is too dark compared to the rest of the face.