[ Christmas tree ] - [ 30 Minutes ]



Nicely doen guys, I like lumpycows a lot!

Xinji is too strong woman. There are many such women are strong women, the patience too. Think about all the time in the event, but most are not thinking about ourselves, but for men to think. They are always planning Laozao for men under a development path, which ageto what the position, forcing the men to realize Cuizhao. This is trivial, the key is also among relatives and friends in such a calculation, counting parents house at how the future, be loaned to a friend of 3000 when the money to, hey, is simply to become a puppet of men.7. Haoyiwulao woman. No woman can be such, the outside is not easy to find her a 800 yuan of work, but she suspected of running hard and go home to idle Daizhao. Stay stay on the bar, do the housework, not to bring children, parents Haigen talk back. Such a woman is married come back purely cumbersome, as early as abandoned as early as easily. Waterborne is the flowering of eight women. Such women do not say, it is estimated that there are individual men like, but the vast majority of men are despised. Hard to earn money, hard to seek her good, hard-to function between the two, she Daohao while Mianbugaise to enjoy your dedication to her all the while with the other men Meilaiyanqu, nausea!