Christmas Wreath

I was just having a holiday moment, was thinking about Christmas, and I put this together. I haven’t blended in a while. represents about an hour’s worth of work, I was just going to do it as a exercise, wasn’t even planning to F2, but I kinda liked how it came out, and I think I might add to it over the next few days.

What do you all think? Worth the effort to continue? Or should I write it off as practice?
I’m going to add little Christmas lights I think. What else would be good?

Comments/Crits (even bad ones) welcomed. Thanks.

I know the door kinda stinks. Wasn’t my focus. Comment though if you want.

Thats pretty nice, but I would have given the ornaments a higher specular and RayMir value.

Yeah, you’re probably right. They look like cheap frosted plastic ones. I’ll probably make the change to make them more like glass.


or something like this :

looks good, but I agree the ornaments could be more reflective.

I have seen plastic ones more reflective than that but it has a more original look than the usual Christmas scene.