Hello to all,this is a project I did in my spare time,I know that the date of Christmas is far away but I like christmas
criticisms and suggestions are welcome, thanks…: Rolleyes:

Render Time: 12:18 minutes
GTX 570

My Portfólio

Wow! This looks photorealistic! There is nothing to criticize about this picture. I love the feeling of it too! Excellent work!

thanks man

awesome work! I love the lighting.

I envy your skill! This is simply amazing!

Unbelievable, very nice! I thought it was a photo, but after looking longer and the clay render I saw the square emmision in the christmas balls.

Thanks for sharing, you work!

Nice work! Very photo realistic. I like the composition.

This is a forum for posting blender works of art, not for taking pictures of your house.

Just kidding, :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome job, it’s looks extremely extremely realistic. I look forward to the day I can make something look that good.

Thank you guys,I am glad for your comments…

I’m working on a new portfolio

This looks great! One tiny question though, how did you do the pattern on the red ball?

Thanks,the red ball has a texture