Christmassy scene

There is something special about Christmas and I’ve been meaning to make a Christmas blend for over a year now and i figure what better day to start then black Friday. so I did. First challenge was making the pine tree and I think i did an ok job. Tell me what you think. I’m planning on putting a cottage in the background and adding sleigh trails.

Added lights, adjusted camera and did a little bit of compositing. Also bumped up the samples to 100.

Snow and more compositing as well as grease penciling in the shape of the house but that isn’t in the render. I could really use some feedback on making the tree look a bit more like a tree.

I looks pretty nice so far. I think the snow displacement needs some work, it seems more like swirly sand rather than soft snow.

One thing that could help is adding an emit value to the snow, as well as brightening the background. Good work so far!

its looking good. I would be interested to see what lighting setup you are using…it looks like you have just switched on environment lighting. Add a noise texture to the snow and use that as a specular map…Andrew Price has a really good snow tutorial:

Ok, i did a little bit of messing around with the snow as well as adjusting the lighting so now i have to lamps off to the side and one behind the camera and to the right. I’m going to stop messing with what i have so far and get the house done and then come back to fix these details later.

ok… any suggestions? other obvious texturing and details on the house. Anyone know how to add smoke or make realistic smoke in cycles as well as a way to add smoke onto the tree. The needles are a particle system so i could not get another set of particles to stick.

Textured part of the house. Thats about all i got done.

looking pretty nice…I would suggest not relying on just textures for the cabin…try and make some separate logs etc for the building…it will make it look more realistic :slight_smile: