Chroma key effect help

I’m fresh to the Blender video sequence editor and chroma key. I have a working green screen and know the basics of keying out a color, but I had little luck in finding tutorials on a particular video effect; a slideshow on the green screen. Some tutorials I found showed how to make a slideshow with images imported as planes and slideshow plugins, but the question is, how does one make a slideshow and place it behind a subject of a green screen? Is there something I’m missing?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

That would be done via compositing, key out the greenscreen, have the slideshow as an image sequence which you use as the background and have the keyed footage in the foreground using an alpha over. You could use your keyed footage on an image plane if front if your slideshow is actually based on object maniplulation and not an image sequence.

Might help.

Sure you can use the VSE for chromakeying, its not as elegant or tweak able as nodes but its pretty fast and interactive. Just has a bit of setup first.

Also theres a cool addon to let you make interactive slide shows that appear in the VSE as strips.

Thanks, I’ll try these out.

I already know basics about keying things out, but basics nonetheless. I’ll try making an image sequence first.