Chroma Key in a video on a plane

Hi everyone,
I’ve read lots of your work and since that I’ve fall in love with blender! Really!

First of all sorry for my english, I’m Italian and my knowledge in Blender is not so good but I learn fast =)

Now I’ve decided to work hard and learn a lot of that (I’m a code developer, so I’m excited to learn a lot and reach the code part!)

My first question is about video on a plane.
I’ve enabled the addon and it works like a charm, but I have a blu-screen video that I want to remove.

The video should be a music-video where a guy sing into the plane (so a “physical” object) and some words dance around him.

I barely know how to use chroma key in video sequencer and in the compositing nodes but I really don’t know how to make blu-screen invisible in a video on a plane.

Any advise?

Thanks! Happy to be here :yes:

So I’ve tried to see if image sequence should be the solution but no, it’s not.
Anything else?