Chroma Key Node

i just discovered this thing exists. being that i’ve been needing chroma key software lately, i really need some info on it. like how to make it work really well. i just tried a tut i found on youtube, but it still leaves little green areas around the pic. heres what i used:

anyways, any tips on it?

A spill suppressor is what you use to get rid of the excess color that bleeds onto the object being cropped out - often just color correction curve will do. If you mean excess round the edges of the whole picture and not the objects, you use garbage mattes and holdout mattes. A garbage matte is a mask that says what definitely shouldn’t be part of the image, a holdout matte says what definitely should be part of it.

Take your time to read this excellent tutorial on chroma-keying.

The current incarnation of the chroma key node in Blender is not up to snuff compared to KeyLight that comes with After Effects.

To make it work really well, you will have to light your green screen background really well. Which is always the case anyway.

hey, thanks.
i’ll take a look at this stuff…

hey, this actually works pretty well. now, can i just like, animate something in blender, then without having to export it, overlay it with the person? then render it and have the person in front of it?

There are also 2 different sequencer plugins that you can compile / install to do chroma key. They offer more control for things like bleed and spill. The info in the tutorials could provide useful to doing it in the compositor as well though.

First is jKey and jMerge :

Second is greenscreen :

Quoted in agreement.
This tute is awesome and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to do chroma keying. It basically shows you how a keyer works, including a spill suppressor. The noodle you end up with consitutes a very powerful keyer (comparable to the oscar winning Keylight, IMHO), but since you build it yourself, you know what everything does.

This is the way to go for sure.