chroma key


I’m looking for some tutorials about chroma key perfect into blender and some informations about it.


does it have to be free or not?

cause if it doesn’t then heres something that might perhaps interest you:!

you might want to consult the wiki user manual, under Matte Nodes

Here’s a link to a color difference keying tutorial - it is like chroma keying, but more powerful.

I have an .swf of a screen cap color difference keying tutorial that was written about on Blendernation, and I’ve e-mailed the author - David Matthew Weese, the owner of - to see if he minds if I share it. I’ll post a link here if I get an “okay” from him. Actually, I’ll let you know either way. Good luck!


The links provided above are good ones. If you want something more “all in one” you can try the keyer node (and send me feeedback). It also have “Despilling” and “Edge blending” features that necessary for good results.

David said it was a go!

Thank You Hunkadoodle

No prob, bob!