chrome and focal blur test

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Ok, i wrote a big, big text before posting the pic, but for some reason it dissapeared. Well, short version: i need advice on how to make the cube glass more realistic. I need to learn texturing properly. I need to set a signature for my posts. I need a beer…, paste :x geocities…)


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Good job. For the glass, set the Specularity way up and then crank the Hard value up to full in the material settings.

For the chrome effect, you seem to have the envmap thing down, which is good. Only problem is that you need to set the CubeRes to about 800 - 1000 in the envmap settings to get a nicer resolution on the reflected image. Yours seems to be a bit blocky right now. Now you need to play with the material settings to get the chrome effect that you want. I have a tutorial on envmapping on my site in the links section. I have explained the material settings in there fairly well, (I think so anyway :wink: ), in order to get that nice shiny chrome look. Take a look at it and hopefully that will help you out.

For your signature, edit your Profile at the top right of the Elysiun page. You can add your signature in the settings there.

And lastly, I need a beer too! :wink:

Good luck!


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You produced a single EnvMap from an empty placed in some strange place and used it for all reflections.

This is not good.

Not a single reflection matches the environment.

On the blue you see the floor (from an odd point, bottom doesn’t match with floor) and you don’t see cubes and strange white thing, while you should.

Same for other objects.

For the rest, Blender does good chrome (see BgDM’s tut) but poor glass, look in this forum, there are glasses from blenderheads, none is much good…

Keep tweaking!


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Actually, if you look really carefully, each cube has its own reflection (ob: cube). Do you use empties when envMapping a cube??? how? second, you got me on the cylinder reflection thingie…must have slipped my mind to re-render the envmap for it. It’s also on another layer. Maybe that’s why…?
third, I agree about the faulty glass in Blender. Can it be fixed, a script or something? Anyway, Blender is not good for PERFECT glass, but as we all know, no glass material is perfect in real life :frowning: . I think the glass example in the official tutorials 1.6 (i think) looked quite natural. Just an opinion of course :slight_smile: