Chrome Bicycle

Image 2 of 4 of my final images for my university’s 3-D imaging class. It’s a women’s Cannondale bicycle. Most of the modelling is done from reference, but the hand brakes, brakes, and pedals are modelled by eyeing my bicycle, which I pulled into my computer room for an evening.

WIP thread:

final image:

alternate version:

hand brake detail:

This was definitely the biggest render I’ve ever done. Excessive mirrors & glass + ambient occlusion was the killer. I used the “border” render option to break this up into slices, then I used Photoshop to put them together. It was rendered on 9 dual-processor G5s, and still took about 12 hours to render. There’s a lot of post-manipulation here. The background is done in Terragen. It’s sort of low-res, but that’s just because I pulled it from another project of mine instead of making one especially for this.

Shiney girly bike, nice.

Shouldn’t the spokes be grouped evenly though? The chain doesn’t look like gravity has any influence over it either, and the gears a bit too spikey and solid.

Must be a mission to model in detail. Where’s the engine? :wink:

Looks good.

However the chainrings could do with remodelling, as could the wheel spokes be laced in a bicycle wheel type fashion.


chainwheel eg:

I understand that this is a finished project, however in my opinion the lack of detail in the chainwheels + wheel spokes and rim detract from the final image.

The chain looks well modelled, however it needs to be influenced by gravity!

At the end of the day though it is a nice image.

I agree with the above post. One of my first models was an electric car… and I was able to get the chain and sprockets looking right without to much trouble. The headset looks like it is melted at the ends as well…

But I appreciate the work involved… keep working at it. :wink: