Chrome Heart

Well its past Valentines day, I know, but this came from me practicing with the ray mirror tab. I thought it turned out nice, so I’m sharing it. I am rendering an animation with it beating right now, its going to take awhile, but the effect should be pretty cool, considering all the reflections.

whew. Chrome indeed. So many reflections. yay. hehe! I think I saw this on deviantART. O_o

Mind sharing the settings on that Chrome material? I like it.

Reynante: You probably saw it in my deviant art gallery.

Hobo Joe: The walls or the heart?

yes we all like shinythings… but the reflections here arent into my liking really. Looks too repetative (even if in real life it would do that) so then it isnt artisticly nice… also it looks quite dull on color depth… maybe more contrast or so?

I second eradicor’s words. Definetely remove some of those nice reflections. The problem with them is that as instinctual animals our eyes tend to focus on the flashy…becasue it’s either something really good or its something about to chomp the hell outta us (at least back in the day…rawr to being the top of our food chain). As such it pulls away from the image as a whole…which is counter productive to your goal for the image, or at least what your goal should be. Hell after about 30 secs of staring I realized the “workshop” step texture you have surrounding the heart…even though I had looked at the reflections off of it as well.

Now don’t take that to mean get rid of some of the reflectivity…no no no. That’s one of the selling points in this work. Just remove (either thru post pro or some other method) some of those reflections, leaving a couple so it still adds some wow factor. I’d take away about half the reflections on the heart, if not more, and do away wiuth the reflections in the surrounding environment that are more than just a reflection of the color (eg the ones that show the form of the ehart)

Well the key word was practice. I’ll get the materials right one day. Thanks for the well written crits, they help alot more than just yeah or nay. Maybe if I turn the depth on the heart down and set the fresnel up a bit?

P.S. - I am still rendering the animation, its been like 10 hours now, lol.

Ok, the animation is finally done after a 14 hour wait for 4 seconds of animation. Follow the link below.

Chrome Heart Animation Clip

As the others said nice and shiny! I took a look at the animation and to me it looks like the heart is bouncing, not beating. I would expect the heart to get thicker from front to back as it beats. Yours appears just to get taller and shorter, which looks like it is bouncing.

Overall good work. Keep Blending!

I animated a wave modifer to make that effect. I thought it was going to be better looking than that with all the reflections in it, but hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Thanks for the inputs, maybe my next project will be better.:wink:

I agree with Eradicor. Also the heart is a bit lo-poly…you can see the hard edges if you look closely.