Chrome Material Tutorial

Ahah. I followed another tutorial on making Chrome spheres. It was one of those in the video tutorial collection thread at the bottom. Anyway, Everything looks fine when I render, but I get this weird looking crap at the top of my spheres. Please have a look at the .blend and the image. Thanks.

use subsurf -level 1 is prob good enough

Do you want to make them look like disco-balls? If you don’t, I think pressing the button “Set Smooth” in the Edit buttons for the spheres would be enough. (Subsurfing would further increase render time.)

LOL that’s really funny cause i thought maybe something was wrongwith my angmap. but then i saw that they looked ike faces of the circles. muahaha. i figured it out right before i came here. anyway, its rendering now so ill post a picture of the result when it’s done rendering.

Yep, did a set smooth on the spheres and it came out nicely. I know the green grass field and the “concrete” don’t go good together but this was a test. Here’s the result: