chrome problem *tear*

hey I am having some wierd problems trying to get my sword to reflect the planet, ALSO does anyone have any good ideas for a background, or have a good earth cloudmap(not planning on using cloudmap for background just wondering where i can find one lol)
PS: if someone tells me how to post .blend files and Images I can show u(it wud probably help)[/img]

First off u need to have the image somewhere on the internet to post it. u type the url of the exact location like this with the image tag in front and behind the url (dont click just an example)
try using this web site its free and easy to use: (although i dont use it i host off of my comp
and for ur earth texture hear it is
theres a lot of textures for planets there. Just in case Right click and save picture as…

and make sure u have Raymir on and in the render options next to the render button click RAY

that’s the picture and I want the world to reflect in the sword but when I mess with raymirror it just makes the sword have a bunch of black dots.

and that is the .blend file if u wanna mess with it.

ALSO any crits n such on the pic so far wud b much apreciated also

move the lights closer the sword and earth and also i dont think the reflection will work with out the sword at a slight angle totally paralell to the earth

I already messed with the lights for the reflection, im gonna have the sword lit up more at the end, but moving the lights didn’t change the lack of reflection…

It might be the shape or original color of the sword. Also next time hit the pack button before posting the .blend. it packs all the pictures and texures u used along with it


ok sorry aboot that… I just packed it n such so u can mess with it all u want…enjoy!

it’s on the site up there ^^^^ (in my second post) sorry for not being clear

first of change the actual color cause right now its black. in the ray mir panel change the depth to the max. And the only way u can get any sort of reflection is by having the sword slightly angled not perpendicular.

but doesn’t mirror color effect the reflection not the base color? :o but I’ll try it nehoo thanks for ur reply

yeah but u get a very dark reflection if u leave it black


but now i get all these little specs on my sword (BUT IT REFLECTS! YAAAAAAAAY!)


I am gonna mess with the lighting a little more to get it looking like it did at the beginning(darker looking)

move the light up more (vertically)

tried moving it up, did nothing for all the little specs on the sword

The “specks” are jagged edges. Turn on OSA to remove these. (if the texture is high resolution it may take longer to render with OSA on though)

I tried using OSA and the specs were still there, and OSA makes the planet look too smooth instead of earthlike.