Chrome revolver

This is my first Blender model. Need to do some additional work on textures and materials. And add some random items on the desk.

Critique please!! :smiley:

looks well nice m8,
But i think the handle and the barel should be more rounded
Also the base of the lamp looks lumpy, is that supposed to happen? or are u going to use set smooth?
Keep going, looks great

The lamp needs to be set smooth and auto smooth turned on.
The gun and everything looks really good.
The handle could use some work though.

very wierd to me! :-?

auto smooth on the lamp like said in every other post
nice and chromy, but the handle is too grainy.

It looks great, though the handle texture is odd. Keep it up

the handle is a bit small compared too the gun . looks cool.

jezus…this as your first blender model( i suppose you have done some other 3d modelling )

thnx for comments. this is really my first model. i don’t know how to use smooth. it makes wierd lines to objects, so i use subsurf (lvl 3-4). it is good day today-----birthday. yeeeeee!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Happy birthday! How old are you?

Happy birthday! How old are you?


Set smooth is really easy. Just select all the objects, go to edit buttons, and hit “set smooth” on the bottom left. The hit auto smooth to the right of that, and I usually change the degrees to like 50 or so. If you get weird jagged lines running through your meshes, go to edit mode, select all vertices (A), and then hit ctrl+N, and it will ask you “calculate normals outside?” this should solve most of them.

i made a few improvements with smoothing, texturing etc.

little crappy version:

and 1280x1024 version:

and back to work with it!! :expressionless:

the handle texture is better but still look strange… if you were going for a wood effect, keep going!
there’s also a weird roughness around the edges of the shiny parts. wasn’t noticeable in the first render… or at least not as much. might be a lighting issue? not sure…
the bullets and boxes and lamps look fine.
the table’s texture is also quite weird looking. IT’s a cool effect, but I’m not sure it fits into this scene very well.
the handle on the gun looks too narrow and i imagine it would be uncomfortable to hold.
the gun is quite well designed over-all, even though it’s a bit strange in shape. pretty intimidating piece of hardware. wouldn’t want to be on the wrong end of THAT! :wink:
keep it up, I like this. it can go far!

[edit] y’know what? I think I liked the layout of the first scene better. it was cleaner and simpler. only one box of shells, no noisy table texture… hmmmm…

Straighten the contour lines on the wood a little and it’ll look good, and it looks like you put in a stencil layer for the spots on the ground, make the spots more like the ground so it doesn’t potrude out into the view as much.