Chrome rims

This is something I did a long time ago but never could get it to render. Well, I finally got it to render in under 24 hours. :stuck_out_tongue: C&C are welcome, although I probably won’t be able to update because of the long render time.


Sweet, what’s with the massive rendertime difference?

he got a new graphics card.
nice chrome!

yea, still took a while though.

graphics card boosts render speed?
I (not knowing anything about how blender works) assumed rendering just taxed your processor

Yea, u are right. But it did go a little faster with the new card. :stuck_out_tongue:

The shadows are sort of… bad. And there isn’t really much chrome on the rims. You could cut the width of your image in half; that would probably decrease render time by quite a bit and not much would be left out since it’s mostly just blank space.

I know the shadows are not “Realistic” but I like the effect. I wasn’t going for photoreal.

Why on earth did this shot take a long time to render?

This might take less time to render (and look better) with distray.

A new gfx card will not increase rendering speed - because it does not do the rendering.

Try the ‘noise’ button in the area light settings. This will free you from the shadow samples.

Exactly what i was thinking… how many polys are each mag?

Nice. I’d say part of the render time is down to the shadow lamp setup you have. I’ve found that shadow calculations send render times through the roof. That coupled with anti ailiasing passes.

There are some optimising render times tips at


Rendering is NOT influenced by the graphics card, but the DISPLAYING of the image while it renders is. On my laptop I have to minimize the renderwindow toget normal rendertimes (changes like 30 seconds to 2)

however…24 hours is just too much for that…it’s shiny tho :slight_smile:


It took a long time to render because: I used a subdivision level 3 Ico sphere and mapped Ray Shadow spots to every vertice. Also, the round parts of the rims are sub-surfed with subdivison level 2. And, they all have Raytraced chrome. :stuck_out_tongue: But I’m sure if I got a faster comp it would really speed things up.

@ Goofster: If I left my render window up would speed increase because of the fast card?