Chrome Spybug

Hi all! I’m new to Cycles, so please tell me some critique, what is bad ( i think it’s too monochrome )
This is a Spybot with a small, 4 MP camera len, with LED lamp, the main body is a battery, and the whole is sprayed with chrome. The ‘‘shields’’ and other parts are steels. It has chip, memory and other parts ( in the small box in center-right ). So, a junkbot painted with chrome.

( maybe i make it steampunk style )

In Cycles, 700 samples - 3 hour

This is the wireframe and the solid:

Thank you! ( sorry for english grammar )

I like your explanation of it. I think a spybug would not want chrome in order to avoid being detected though. Its a neat idea though.

use an environment texture (i.e. mirror ball HDR) to create more interesting reflections in the metal. Otherwise not bad.

The model is great but you could improve the materials a bit and the lighting to make it more interesting.

The modelling looks really good, but to make the chrome effect really stand out, it needs something to reflect and some more interestign lighting. :slight_smile:

Thank you.
Anyone know how to make interesting lighting? I placed only 2 planes, 1 big and 1 small.
Im beginner to Cycles, can anyone link a good chrome material?

Kemmler: what is environment texture? - it’s HDRI?