Chrome Widow looking for a home

(harkyman) #1

I think that the spider model is just about finished. I’m going to do an environment and pose the thing tonight. Before I finish up and do GI sphere/DOF monster render on this, is there anything you think I should clean up/change? I already know that I need to reproportion things so that it looks like a black widow and not an ant.

Click the thumbnail or here to see the full size.

(S68) #2


already too beautiful…

nothing to say, besides proportions…


(LohnS) #3

man that is so sweet! =D

(BgDM) #4

Holy Crap in Hell!!

One wicked concept and a beautiful render to boot! Awesome work.

As you mentioned though, the proportions need to be tweeked.


(eeshlo) #5

I certainly like that very much, looks great already!

(rixtr66) #6

:o that is beautifull!!!..verrry vell done mr.hess.
hmmmm,proportions are all i see as well.
i am furiously reworking my spider as we speak :o
hopefully ill be able to match this caliber.
great work


(stephen2002) #7

that thing is really neat, but be careful with the DOF effect, many people overuse it.

it only has 4 legs? right now it is looking like it might topple over.

I like all of the tubes.

(theeth) #8

stephen: that is the updated version:


(GemaRastem) #9

:frowning: makes all my stuff look like a 3 year old did it, definately looks like an ant right now but w/e still looks awesome, it will definately look cool as a black widow.